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Career/Life Coaching

What Type of Work Were You Designed For?

Before you begin seeking a better job or self-employment, you need to be sure you are pursuing opportunities that match your personality style and will fulfill and reward you for a lifetime!

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Good reports (not the little 10 word freebies) provide incredibly intuitive baselines for understanding yourself and leveraging your natural tendencies.

Download a complete Sample Career & Personality Report System right here so you can see the fullness of the report, and exactly what you'll be receiving.

"This computerized profile will reveal your God-given personality strengths in the work place and enable you to utilize that information in your job search, or as you seek out business opportunities and self-employment ideas. It's like a foundational road map that you can use as a filter for truly finding the Work You Love."
- Dan Miller, author
"48 Days to the Work You Love"

This report is a 20-minute, scientific series of questions and answers that quantifies your natural tendencies and lays them out in a report that provides an impacting view of "who you are" in a work environment.

Justin begins each of his life & career coaching clients with this report!

There are many personality reports available, but this specific report is the best of its kind that Justin has found, for these reasons:

Automated, online availability and the results provided immediately for you to download and save.

    Note this is to be done via your computer, nothing will be physically sent to you!

    It provides multiple graphs on how you view yourself, and how others experience you.

And more importantly, the complete Career Report includes the supporting assets below to create one of the most impacting career-tools for finding the work you love:

  • Step-by-Step Personal Application Guide
    Justin begins his personal coaching sessions by taking 30-45 minutes to explain the report to his clients, helping them understand how to apply the results to their personal pursuits. Justin offers this same guidance to you in a 'Step-by-Step Personal Application Guide' from Dan Miller, author of '48 Days to the Work You Love' and 'No More Mondays'. Section-by-section, Dan walks through your report explaining and expounding on what each aspect means as you pursuee the vocation you were created for. Click here to view the entire guide!

  • Career Match
    Once you've completed the main report you can get this "Career Match" report. It literally takes your personal report and generates a list of careers that could be a viable fit for you. This is often the piece of the report people are most curious about, as the big question is..."what types of work was I created for?!"

    Although it is a great framework for career options, it is important to also keep the recommendations in personal perspective when choosing a career path.

  • Biblical Character Match
    The main report contains "Historical Personality" matches. There are few places that character references are more derived from than the Bible so we provide this as well.

    Is your personality like Moses? How about Noah or Mary? This is another perspective to help open your eyes and perspective to who you are and how you tick. "The Bible expounds with impacting background on its many characters, and this biblical comparison may mean more to you than anything."

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