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Justin Lukasavige

Justin LukasavigeI considered hiring someone to write this for me to make it sound good but that's not what I'm about. I'm just like you and I like to do business with real people.

I don't have a background involving classes that culminate in a degree that I use every day. I studied commercial aviation in college and immediately became an instructor and then an airline pilot.

I agree, that's not really useful to you, is it?

I spent over seven years flying passengers around the US, Canada and the Caribbean before turning what I was really excited about (helping you!) into a business that would support my family. I had no clue what a coach was, but I knew that my job as an airline captain wasn't how I wanted to help people.

I trained with Dave Ramsey and his team early in 2006 and immediately launched Lukas Coaching. I had very little business experience but there was no way I was going to let that stand in the way of helping people.

Lukas Coaching plateaued in growth 12 months after launching it and, after trying a few things, still couldn't figure out how to make it grow enough to replace my income at the airline. It would have been a shame if I couldn't make it work back then because hundreds of people wouldn't have been able to benefit. But I hired coaches, took classes, read books...and I made it work.

I grew so rapidly that other businesses asked me how they could do it too. Thus began my work helping people start and grow a business they really cared about. Some of them have gone on to impact the world.

Now I spend my time doing what I love. I create audio and video for our community. I speak around the world, remotely and in person, and I've worked with clients around the globe .

Above all else I'm a husband to Christine and a dad to Ava, Amanda and Brie. They're why I do what I do and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Send me an email with your story. If you're stuck I'd love to see if I can help.


Derek Sisterhen
Lead Financial Coach

Derek SisterhenI was fortunate enough to have parents that taught me early and often the importance of making wise financial decisions. The good news is that I retained about 95% of what they imparted on me; the bad news is that I had to go $20,000 in debt to figure out the other 5%.

There I was, driving down the road in a financed vehicle when I had an epiphany: I’m supposed to be the guy that impresses others with how much financial mumbo-jumbo I know. In reality, I’m bogged down in debt and can’t talk to my wife about money unless we’re wearing boxing gloves. This isn’t working.

Thus began a journey that took me from a career in banking complete with treks through collections and risk management to reestablishing financial unity with my wife and paying off our debt, to ultimately becoming the Lead Financial Coach at Lukas Coaching.

You know what, though? I don’t really care about my title. What I do care about is helping the people I’m blessed to meet chart a new course for their lives and their money. I love when the individuals and couples I get to work with see the results of living on purpose, too. Paying off debt, creating a savings plan, and giving like you’ve always wanted are signs of sweet success!

If you told me ten years ago that I’d be a radio show host, author, and helping others turn dreams into reality, I would’ve laughed pretty hard. And yet, here I am: the host Past Due Radio and author of Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money & Marriage.

Ever since I climbed down the corporate ladder, I find myself going home to my wife Elisa with a positive attitude at the end of each work day. God blessed me with an opportunity to do what I love and I’m having a blast.

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Jory Butler
Career Coach

Derek SisterhenPeople say they were never taught in school to find work they love. There are a variety of reasons why we are not taught this in school. I know people that wish they would’ve learned how to find their passions and discover their purpose earlier in life. Many people are unsure how to navigate finding their passions and purpose.

Being a coach most of my working life, I’ve had opportunity to encourage others. I worked with Dave Ramsey, author of the Total MoneyMakeover and host of the Dave Ramsey Show.

In coaching people with their money, I noticed a connection. People that came in for financial coaching were struggling with work. They really weren’t passionate about their work. That’s when I transitioned to career coaching. I began studying, reading books, going to classes, interviewing successful people, becoming a certified coach and aligning myself with other like minded individuals that help others.

I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, traveling, working out, and investing time with my wife Shilo and my son Brandon. You may even run into me at a local coffee house. I look forward to helping you pursue your passion and live with purpose.

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