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Career/Life Coaching

Coaching is the business of helping others make needed changes. Instead of listening to their problems and trying to fix the past, a good coach focuses on the future and implements change.

This book answers some of the most pressing questions I receive from people who want to be a coach including:
  • Do Most People Really Need a Coach?
  • Can You Really Make a Living by Helping Others?
  • Can I Make Seven Figures?
  • How Much Money Can I Make as a Coach?
  • How do I Charge Clients, Especially Those who Think They are Bankrupt?
  • Do I Have What it Takes to Become a Coach?
  • Can an Introvert be a Great Coach?
  • Do I Have to Work with Clients One-on-One?
  • Should I Complement Coaching with Other Services?
  • What Can I do to Learn More About the Business of Coaching?
  • Do I Need a Website?
  • Can I attach an Expert’s Name to my Brand?
  • I Trained With Dave Ramsey’s Team; How Many Referrals Can I Expect?
  • Where Do I Find Clients?
  • What if my Town is Small? Does that Mean Fewer Clients?
  • Do I Need an Office?
  • Can I Begin Coaching on the Side While I Build my Business?
  • Does it Take Much Money to Start a Business?
  • The resources I've used to start and run Lukas Coaching
  • And much more!


Dan Miller, Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love and No More Mondays

"Justin draws on his unique background and how that positioned him to begin the process of becoming a very successful coach. He covers the psychological components of coaching, the obvious need in the marketplace for coaching, and most importantly, the business side of coaching. Justin does an amazing job as a coach and I hear from his clients about the amazing results frequently."

- Dan Miller, Best Selling Author & Life Coach

"Coaching is my passion, but I couldn't have begun without the help of many others. I'll walk through these questions with you, and share the things I've found most helpful, both when I was starting out and today in my current business!"
- Justin Lukasavige
America's Favorite Business & Success Expert

Foreword by Dan Miller, best selling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love and No More Mondays.

If you want to take the first step and explore whether coaching is a good fit for you, this book is what you need.

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Here's what others are saying about Become a Coach:

"This book gives a clear track to run on in becoming an excellent coach and advisor to others."
- Brian Tracy, Author, The Psychology of the Sale

"I really love your book! It's a really easy to read resource and at the same time very informative and helpful. I studied it and carefully toke notes. I especially like your Six-Figure Coaching Model."
- Andrzej Mytych, Gryfow Slaski, Poland

"Justin Lukasavige is a master! I've closely watched him grow his business over the years from nothing into an organization that's hitting on all cylinders. The time's long overdue for him to show YOU how to succeed and be profitable as a coach."
- Chuck Bowen, President of Chuck Bowen Coaching and host of "The Chuck Bowen Show" in San Antonio, TX

"I've been pondering following my calling for a while; but had no clue on how to do it. This book is more than just theory, it provides concrete examples on how to put the theory into practice. Justin also uses his experience for great examples of what and just as importantly, as what NOT to do."
- Andrew Krieman, Raleigh, NC

"You'd think this was a mystery thriller by the way I read it. I couldn't put it down. It is engaging, practical, easy to read, informative, packed with facts and answers every question you can think of about becoming a coach. Not only that but you feel like you've made a new friend in the process. I loved it."
- Lynne Watts, GA

"If you are thinking of becoming ANY kind of coach, this is the book that will help you accomplish your goals. "BECOME A COACH" is loaded with information, and a straight to the point quick read. That's my kind of book! Thanks Justin."
- Archie Winningham, TN

"I just got this book last night and even though my day was booked solid, I stayed up late and have been reading it every chance I could find today. This is great information and a must read, it is just solid advice about coaching and starting a business in general. This is a keeper."
- Grace Becker, KS

"Justin offers his real story and experiences, saving aspiring coaches from many "rookie" coaching mistakes. The book is perfect for anyone who thinks they may want to go into coaching, and even experienced coaches may learn a thing or too!"
- James Woosley, Saraland, AL

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