12 Hour Workdays are for Sissies

by Justin Lukasavige on February 13, 2010

Do you have what it takes? You don’t need to work your butt off every day to build a business, but it does have to happen if you wan to be successful.

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  • hlsheppard

    I remember the “club med” days of 12 hours! LOL

  • andytraub

    Justin, I really struggle with this as a father of two VERY young kids. I really find myself not working as many hours as I would like b/c of their needs (and my wife is a stay at home mom by the way). Truly the answer is to get up earlier in the morning and be better with my time. Discipline doesn't happen overnight of course…that reminds me, I need to go to bed! Thanks for sharing your video. I love what I do and I owe a lot of that to your coaching.

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