My Friday Office

by Justin Lukasavige on September 6, 2009

  • Do Nothing

    [...] I love my job and I could work 12 hours straight if I wanted to, but I also realize the power of taking time away to sit and do nothing. Do you take time away to do nothing? Most Friday’s you’ll find me out for a hike (my Friday office). [...]

  • rachelmiegel

    I love that you do this! I totally agree, when I step away from work I feel so refreshed and full of ideas coming back. I think too many people get caught up in tasks and forget to take this important step.

  • jlukasavige

    You're right about that sis. What do you and Alan do for time away? It's much easier without kids.

  • rachelmiegel

    I think Alan only takes time away when it's warm out, and then he golfs. I'm kind of the same way where I do a lot of walking, sometimes without my iphone so I can disconnect. Not much opportunity for that in the winter in New England. I rarely take work home though, because I think I need to separate my work from my personal life.

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