Out of Medium’s

by Derek Sisterhen on October 7, 2010

bread sticksAs is the case on most Sunday’s, my family and I order pizza.  It’s been a tradition in Christine’s family for as long as she can remember.  We stepped outside the box (you’ll get that pun later) this Sunday and ordered take-out from CiCi’s Pizza, which is not our usual place.

Our kids are young and don’t eat a lot, so one large pizza with an order of bread sticks is more than enough to fill us up.  Christine left to pick up the pizza and came home with these two large boxes, each the same size.

The restaurant apparently told her they were out of the medium size breadsticks so she bought the large box.

I’m no genius, and it’s really not a big deal, but isn’t the difference between the medium and large a matter of a few more breadsticks in the large?  In other words, even if you’re out of mediums, can’t you take a few out of the large box and call it a medium?

I really don’t get the reasoning behind this and to me (a customer) it makes it look like the restaurant just doesn’t care.  If I’m missing the big picture (I’m no pizza expert after all), please tell me.

I hope you’re not doing this to your customers.  It’s OK if you can reason your way in to or out of something, but don’t leave your customers wondering.  They’ll come to their own conclusions and those conclusions probably won’t favor you.

Put yourself in the pizza guy’s shoes.  Could you have come up with a medium order?

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