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Hootsuite 5: The Best Tool to Manage Your Social Media

by Justin Lukasavige on June 24, 2010

Hootsuite 5 just launched and the improvements are amazing. I take you through the updates and show you the improvements to speed your learning along.

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How to Setup a Hootsuite Account and Link to Your Profiles

by Justin Lukasavige on May 30, 2010

Hootsuite is the free program I use to manage my social media profiles, monitor what people are saying to me and about me, and then to interact with them throughout twitter, facebook, and linkedin.

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How to Get Started on Facebook for Business

by Justin Lukasavige on May 13, 2010

There seems to be some confusion on how to set yourself and your business up on Facebook. Today a client asked me how to keep friends and family from posting pictures that don’t relate to business on his page. The solution is to create a page for your business. Of course, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it.

How to Setup Facebook for Your Business (if you can’t view the video)


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