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Building Buzz

by Derek Sisterhen on September 23, 2010

Savory Spice ShopI get really excited when a business I’m working with gets to launch.  There’s excitement and a bit of fear that surrounds an event like this.

Will people show up for a grand opening (retail)?

Will they buy what I’m selling?

Will they like it and want more?

Will they tell their friends?

All these questions hang in the air but none of them can diminish the hopes and hard work a new business owner has invested in their business.

This picture is of two big samples of spices from Bob and Cindy Jones.  I’ve been working with them over the past few months to get their new shop, Savory Spice, open and profitable, in Raleigh, NC.

Instead of a big radio and TV blitz, they’re doing a big grass roots campaign and getting out to where the people are.  They’re not hoping for people to see their ads, but instead, are out there interacting directly with their future customers.  They’re people, not a faceless company with a fancy spot on the radio.

That’s what grass roots is all about.  Being real.

Not only is their campaign less expensive, but it’s far more effective.  They’ll meet people in their neighborhood and get to know them by name.  They’ll be able connect with them again when they come back for another spice.  After tasting this sample, there’s no doubt they’ll be back.

If you want to squash doubts about the success of your business, get out there and do what it takes to be real. Stop hiding behind ineffective advertising and do the hard work of connecting one-on-one.


Does Fear Make You Feel Inadequate?

by Justin Lukasavige on July 15, 2010

Land of OzThe lion is generally known as the King of Beasts, but in the Land of Oz there exists a cowardly lion who is gripped by fear and unable to take action.

That may sound like your life.

Courageous People Lack Fear

Don’t believe it, it’s not true. Even in cartoons, characters are sometimes paralyzed by fear. But they take action despite being gripped by it.

Thousands of firefighters run into burning buildings every year. Don’t tell me those guys aren’t afraid.

Even more people go to the dentist twice a year. Have you ever been afraid to sit in that chair? I have.

Action is the Solution

You have to realize that courage isn’t the lacks of fear. Courage is taking action despite the fear.

When will it finally be the right time for you to take action? My wife and I have something on the horizon that scares us to death. I think at this point we’re going to have to do it just to say we did.

What about you? What do you need to take action on to overcome your fear?


Lacking Ideas?

by Justin Lukasavige on December 27, 2008

It’s far easier to say you don’t have an idea to act on than it is to admit you are afraid to act on the ideas you do have.

It’s pretty rare that I talk to a business owner who has no ideas for their business. They may say they don’t have any ideas, but once pressed you’ll find fear at the heart of their decision making.

If there is one thing that is detrimental to business, it is operating out of fear. If I find myself making any decisions in life based out of fear, I know the decision will usually be wrong.

What can you do to confront your fear? If you cannot then you have two choices.

  1. The idea must not be acted on
  2. You have no business being in business

Are you operating out of fear?


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