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How to Get Things Done

by Derek Sisterhen on September 14, 2010

I’m often asked how I do it all. The answer – stop planning and thinking and start doing.

A simple message, but will you do it?

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How Many Hours Did That Cost?

by Jaime Thompson on August 31, 2010


Getting ready to shop the upcoming holiday weekend sales?  Maybe you’ve already been busy with back to school shopping.  Have you ever thought to calculate how many hours of work those dollars spent just cost you?  It’s a powerful tool that might make you step back and reevaluate how you shop and what you buy.  I’m sure you have an idea of your gross salary, but lets look at what you actually take home after Uncle Sam, health insurance, and your 401k among other things take their share.  Go and get your most recent pay stub.  It’s in your organized file cabinet, right?  Divide your take home pay by the number of hours the paycheck covers.  What did you come up with?

Lets say your result is $20 per working hour.  So now we’ll apply that to your purchasing power.  Your $6 a weekday morning coffee and muffin habit means you have to work an hour and a half to pay for it.  The $60 video game, 3 hours.  Those must have designer jeans at $200 a pair cost you 10 hours at work.  $460 car payment is 23 hours in the office.  That one payment is over half a week of a standard 40 hour work week and we still need a place to live and food to eat.

Want another view?  Include the hours you spend commuting to and from work and any other work related activities you do outside of the hours that paycheck covers.  Sadly, that $20 just dropped even lower.  This isn’t a way to shame you into not spending your money, just a tool that might make you think about how hard you really work to make that purchase.  Remember it’s not just a dollar amount, but your precious time spent working to earn that dollar.

Photo: Time Card by flickr user TheGoogly, used under CC license


Turn a Love for Yo-yos into a $1.6 Million Business

by Justin Lukasavige on July 23, 2010

yoyoThat’s exactly what Pat Cuartero has done. Entrepreneur magazine reports he’s on track for record profits this year as well as opening his third office. He has locations in the US, UK, and soon the Philippines.

Pat funded his business with $8,000 from a credit card and netted $32,000 in his first five months.

I often tell people you can monetize anything if you’re passionate about that. Thanks Pat, for providing proof that it’s possible.

So, what’s holding you back from enjoying your work and profiting from your ideas? It certainly can’t be a lack of ideas; here’s a list of 999 of them.

What is it then? Is it lack of support from your spouse? Fear? Anxiety? Lack of money?

Let’s talk about it.


The Best Self-employment Ideas are Already Taken

by Justin Lukasavige on July 16, 2010

Open for businessAre all the ideas taken? I spoke with a client this morning and he mentioned the market was crowded already for the idea he was pursuing.

I think the real question is perhaps, what makes you remarkable? Why would people want to do business with you vs. someone else?

There are a lot of web designers out there. Why do some charge $175 and others charge $2,000 for the same service? It’s because the one on the upper end is doing something remarkable that has put them in demand.

What do you think? Have the best ideas already been taken?


You Don’t Need a lot of Ideas

by Justin Lukasavige on March 16, 2010

I was at a Free Agent Academy (affiliate link) event this weekend helping people think through their ideas and turn them into a business. You don’t need a lot of ideas though, you just need one and then you need to act.

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The Best Business Slogan

by Justin Lukasavige on February 26, 2010

I just spent a week onboard a cruise ship with some of the brightest up and coming business people I’ve ever met. I lead events throughout the country (and now the world I suppose) on how to become successful in business and many of these people are going on to do some amazing things.

Normally I boil my message into two main points, but I’m just going to hit on one for now and that’s execution. Seth Godin calls it shipping in his newest book Linchpin and it’s what separates the wheat from the chaff. Nike has it right, “Just do it.”

You have a good idea. In fact, you have many good ideas. I’ll even going to go so far as to say that you have thousands of ideas. There’s no way all of them are good, but the more ideas you execute, the quicker you’ll find which ones will put you at the top.

You can read a book, attend an event or work with a coach. If you never do anything with your ideas you’ll never be great. You waste time, money and time with your family.

Now is your time. Don’t be afraid. Go out and change the world.

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Your Idea is Stupid and Impossible

January 27, 2010

In the early 1900’s Henry Ford wanted his engineers to make unbreakable glass for the windshields of their cars. Every engineer on his team told him it was impossible. They all gave too many reasons why it couldn’t be done.
Ford told his staff to bring him young, eager engineers who didn’t know the [...]

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First, Be Interested

January 9, 2010

We all know the person who, upon first meeting you, tries to push his agenda.  It could be a business owner or sales person trying to sell you on their product or just someone pushing their ideas.
I just spent a day in Denver with my friend Andy Traub.  Time after time he would engage people [...]

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You’ll Never Guess who Invented Windows

November 10, 2009

It wasn’t Windows or even Apple.

It was actually Xerox working out of a research center in California. While they were at it they also invested the mouse.
What’s your passion? Are you doing something about it?

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You Don’t Stop Struggling when You Make it Big

November 7, 2009

It takes a lot of financial backing to make to the presidency of the United States. You spend years of hard work (some say a lifetime) to get there. You sacrifice through long hours, dinners away from family and other family activities. It’s a lot of work but for those become elected [...]

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