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How to Get Things Done

by Derek Sisterhen on September 14, 2010

I’m often asked how I do it all. The answer – stop planning and thinking and start doing.

A simple message, but will you do it?

Click here if you can’t view the How to Get Things Done video


My Move to Wisconsin

by Derek Sisterhen on August 20, 2010

Justin and Christine, Madison, WIWhen someone mentions they might move to Wisconsin, people take notice. I talked about a possible move for my family and I on Coach Radio this week and many of you chimed in.

We put a time limit of four days to make a decision. Why only four days for a major decision you ask?

Well, we don’t want to spend the rest of our lives trying to make a decision. By trying to make the perfect decision, we do the only imperfect thing, which is to not take any action at all.   By not deciding, we have decided.  I hope your life isn’t like that.

So, our decision is…no.

Actually, our short-term decision is no.  I think we will end up moving.  Schools are really important to us though, and we’re going back for another visit, this time to get a tour of some of the schools.  That’s going to be later this year however, so for now, we’re sitting tight.

It’s not keeping us up at night because a decision has been made.

Thanks for your thoughts and comments.  Keep them coming!


Money CAN Buy Happiness

by Justin Lukasavige on July 20, 2010

You’ve likely heard me talk about money as a motivator at before. The truth is, money can buy happiness, if your basic needs aren’t being met. But once your needs are being met, what’s next?

Money CAN Buy Happiness
is here if you can’t view the video


Money is a Bad Motivator, Unless You Work by the Hour

by Justin Lukasavige on July 17, 2010

I came to realize this a while back when I worked at the airlines. We were hourly and everything was driven towards being on the clock for some people. But we live in a knowledge based society and most of us aren’t getting paid by the hour anymore.

If money is a poor motivator, then what do we do? What do you think?

Dan Pink’s Motivation talk (If you can’t view the video)


If You Think Money Motivates, You’re Wrong

by Justin Lukasavige on June 8, 2010

Dan Pink lays out a powerful argument against money being a good motivator for anything but the most menial tasks.  What are you using to motivate your team?


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