Traveling for Ideas

by Justin Lukasavige on October 1, 2010

airline windowHenry Ford was famous for sitting for ideas.  He insisted that those who were always running around being busy were not the most productive.  He wanted people who would sit back and think about new and creative things.

Bill Gates routinely takes time every year to clear his schedule and think.

The power of getting out of a routine is amazing.  Earlier this week I spent a few days in Portland, OR with some great friends.  We were all there to attend Don Miller’s Storyline conference.  Someone asked what each of us was trying to get out of the event.

Unanimously, none of us really cared about the event.  Maybe we would have cared more if we had taken the time to figure out what the event was really about (it was incredible, by the way), but not one of us did the research.

We were all there for each other as it turned out.  We were there to break away from our normal routine; to learn from people we don’t often get to hang out with, and to meet and learn from people we hadn’t ever met.

friendsIt’s in hanging out in a low-key restaurant where the ideas flow and lives our changed.

I’m not trying to convince you to fly to a foreign city just to hang out with someone without and agenda.  Or am I?

Five years ago as my business was in the early stages, there’s no way I would have done something like this.  No agenda except a conference I knew very little about?

Instead of looking at an event and trying to determine what you’re going to get out of it, look at your calendar for the next 12 months, and pencil in one event where you can go without an agenda.  You’ll meet incredible people, but more importantly, you’ll get out of the familiarity of your comfort zone to find a treasure chest of new ideas.

Where are you going this year?  Provide links so we can meet you.

(Photo credits: Jonathaneric and a really nice waiter)

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