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"70% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck" - The Wall Street Journal

With so many people in our country just trying to make ends meet, it’s safe to say our culture is a little confused. When we step back from defining success by how much money we make and how much stuff we have, and redefine it by how we manage what we have, we return to establishing a solid foundation for our financial future.

Join Lead Financial Coach Derek Sisterhen for Past Due: Essentials!  This course is perfect for those wanting to take control of their money and is an excellent refresher for those working toward their goals.


"This offered the tools to let me have more hope.
I now know that when I take more control of my money,
I will make it grow and work for me."

– Juliane Picolla, Raleigh, NC


This three-week course includes the following lessons:

  • A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned: We begin our paradigm shift around saving by understanding what three things you can do with money, how to create a beginner emergency fund, and why saving is critical to short and long-term financial plans.

  • Cash Flow Planning: Ever wonder why it feels like there’s too much month at the end of the money?  Whether married or single, we’re going to focus on creating a monthly spending plan that actually works and will help you achieve your goals.  This lesson is jam packed with our budgeting resources and worksheets.

  • Debt Disposal: 75% of the Forbes 400 say they became wealthy by avoiding one thing: debt!  We’ll dispel the debt myths our culture tries to sell us and unpack the process thousands of families across the country have used to become debt free!

Past Due: Essentials is presented online in video format. You can also take Past Due: Essentials wherever you want with our downloadable audio version of the lessons. Participants will receive a 55-page workbook with lesson notes, worksheets, and planning resources to begin an initial savings goal, organize a complete budget, and define a personal debt elimination strategy.

We are results-driven and have a deep desire for you to succeed, so you'll receive regular accountability emails throughout the Past Due: Essentials program.

To save money and get out of debt today, register for Past Due: Essentials!

Workbook & CD: $45

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