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Drive Free $1,000 in 30 DaysRisky Business



Our culture is confused. When 70% of the country lives paycheck-to-paycheck, there MUST be a paradigm shift in our approach to managing money. Past Due: Essentials unpacks the foundational elements that must be present in your financial plan in order to be successful.

The three-part Past Due: Essentials program includes creating an emergency fund for unexpected expenses, planning for long-term wealth building goals, creating a budget singles and couples can actually use, and dumping consumer debt once and for all.

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Drive Free!

Did you know the average car payment in North American is $470 a month? Did you know that the average car loan is over $24,000 for six years? Just how much did you spend on car maintenance last year? We don’t own our cars anymore – they own us!

Drive Free! will equip you to prepare for ongoing vehicle expenses each month so that a car repair doesn’t become a full-blown financial crisis. We’ll also discuss the financial myths and truths surrounding our vehicles and create a solid plan for your next car purchase. We’ll even unpack the process you can use to save your car payments and ultimately drive free!

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$1,000 in 30 Days

What would life be like if you had an extra $1,000? Would you experience more peace? More freedom? Are you ready to take a 30-day savings challenge?

In $1,000 in 30 Days, you’ll get very practical guidance on how to streamline your monthly budget, free up cash flow, and restore stability to your financial plan with a solid emergency fund in only one month! Coincidentally, saving money is one of the first steps out of debt; we break the debt cycle when we pay for unexpected expenses with cash – not credit. So, get down to business and take the challenge!

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Risky Business

Let's face it, the topic of insurance doesn't exactly get us out of bed in the morning. We know we need insurance to drive and for our homes, and even if we die, but usually that's about it. Not fully understanding your insurance can cost you hundreds of dollars each year in unnecessary premiums.

Good insurance is essential to a balanced and complete financial plan. In order to select good insurance we need to be aware of what the bad stuff looks like. In Risky Business we will discuss seven different insurance areas and unpack the myths and flat-out lies about life, disability and credit insurance. Our clients are saving between $300 and $800 a year on insurance premiums with this information.

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Past Due: Money & Life Boot Camp

Our flagship course, the Past Due: Money & Life Boot Camp, is taught live by Lead Financial Coach Derek Sisterhen to your organization, church, or association. From establishing a few goals for your life to addressing how you actually relate with money, from creating a budget that works to understanding the ins and outs of insurance, the Boot Camp combines elements of Past Due: Essentials, Risky Business, and our lesson on Money & Relationships.

We tailor this live event to the specific needs of the venue so that the audience gets exactly what they need in financial guidance exactly how they need it.

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