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Financial Resources

Free Financial Worksheets - Get motivated, get started, keep doing it!

Beginner Budget (PDF) (Excel)
Use this simple budget to begin keeping track of where you want your money to go before the month begins.

Allocated Spending Plan (PDF)
Distribute the money from each paycheck that comes in throughout your month into your bills and debts. This worksheet is especially helpful if you have multiple pay periods each month.

Recommended Percentages (PDF)
While working with clients, these are the percentages we've found to work the best if you desire to become debt free and build your investment portfolio.

The 7 Financial Freedom Steps (PDF)
These are the steps that we use sequentially with each client. You can look at them at any time to judge your progress towards your future goals.

The Bible says Plenty about Money (PDF)
If you ever wonder where common sense comes from, take a look at the bible. It has more than a few things to say - and much wisdom and insight - about money.

Monthly Payment Savings (PDF)
This chart illustrates the savings potential if you were to invest your payments rather than send them to the bank. Remember that banks are not nonprofit!

College Savings Worksheet (Excel)
How much do you need to save each month in order to reach the goal of sending your children to college without a loan?

Financial To-do Checklist (PDF)
A checklist for you and your finances. This worksheet shows you all of the things we recommend that our clients do, such as life insurance, wills, debt-reduction, etc.

Prioritized Spending Plan (PDF)
If you don't have a plan for your purchases, this is not only a great place to start, but will open your eyes up to what is most important to you.

Pro-rata letter (PDF) - send this to your creditors if you cannot pay the minimums on your account.

Test Your Financial Knowledge - This quiz is only 10 questions long, but I'll send you a 4-page analysis based on your answers to help you improve your life.

Online Coupons & Deals - ready-to-us coupons and codes - printable coupons - printable coupons - up-to-date offers and a user forum - search for cash back offers - Download a free credit report each year and check it for accuracy

Debt Evaluation Calculator, Savings Calculator, Mortgage Calculator

Kiplinger's Tools

IRS Withholding Calculator

Stop the Junk Mail - Credit Bureaus - Fill out the form and stop receiving junk mail for 5 years. We've been on this list for years and some days we don't get any mail. It works!'

Stop the Junk Mail - Direct Marketing Association - This used to be free, but now they charge $1. Do it today! We signed up with this one a few years ago as well.


Career & Life Resources is the best overall site to determine how much you should be making in a position. Also included here is a relocation calculator.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is published by the government. You can find salary trends in career areas. lists over 11,000 linds to jobs, employers, and business, education and career service professionals on the web, plus 6,000 other helpful career resources.

The Bureau of Labor lists the latest U.S. government figures regarding employment trends.



Business Resources

Free Agent Academy - An online group of professionals from around the world that help build each other's businesses through teleconferences, seminars and hands-on training. I lead a group here specifically for coaches and lead classes online throughout the month. - Bluehost offers a 1-click install for Wordpress, has great customer service and a very easy-to-use interface. - it's like eBay, but for services. You can post that you need a book written, website designed, business card or graphic and you'll receive bids along with portfolio examples from the members. It's free to post a project.

iContact - Research states that you need to get in front of your clients at least 27 times before you close a sale with them. I love staying in front of my market with a regular (weekly in my case) newsletter. iContact is a very reliable service with user-friendly features.

1ShoppingCart - The shopping cart that we use at It integrates into your website seamlessly.

Overnight Prints - We've been ordering our business cards for years from Overnight Prints. The quality and price are tough to beat.

Checkwriter - for a small one-time fee you can accept checks and bank drafts over the phone. We do not process credit cards and this is much cheaper.

Nationwide Disc - We develop a lot of CDs as both sales and giveaways. If you do the research you will find Nationwide to be the lowest cost and highest quality. They offer CD/DVD duplication, replication and much more.

SBA - Small Business Association. A massive list of information and links.

SOHO - Small Office Home Office. Offers help for the challenges of working in a small office/home office environment.

Franchise info - The International Franchise Association is the membership organization of franchisers, franchisees and suppliers.

NASE - The National Association for the Self-Employed assists small business owners with the services, resources and benefits of large companies.

Patents & Trademarks - The U.S. patent and Trademark Office. Forms can be printed from their website. - A U.S. government site that can help you identify and comply with federal regulations and links you to the IRS, Social Security Administration, OSHA and other agencies.

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