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Become a Coach: Discover what it Takes to Turn Your Passions into ProfitsBecome a Coach
Discover what it Takes
to Turn Your Passions into Profits

Book: $15

Autographed with a bonus, real world
"Six Figure Coaching Model"
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Audio Book: $20

Audio Book - instant download
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eBook: $11

eBook - instand download
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DISC Personality ProfileLukas Coaching
Personality Profile

A 20-minute, scientific series of questions and answers that quantifies your natural tendencies and lays them out in a report that provides an impacting view of "who you are" in a work environment.
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32-page Report: $29

The Lukas Coaching Personality Profile takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. After checkout you'll receive a unique key code and directions to complete the profile.

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Six Keys for a Financial Plan that WorksSix Keys for a
Financial Plan
that Works

How to Really
Win with Money

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Workbook & CD: $25 Free

Six Keys for a Financial Plan that Works

Past Due: EssentialsPast Due: Essentials

Normal is broke. Be weird.
Dump debt and save money.
Essentials is a three-part
program that will help you
get your finances on track.

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Workbook & CD: $45

Master Your Business

Learn how to overcome the average business syndrome and make your business profitable.

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20-hour Self-study: $395

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Career & personality profile report system

Career & Personality Profile Report System

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