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These are just a few of the comments we've received from our customers. If you would like to leave one of your own, please do so.

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“Derek: It has been a pleasure working with you. You are professional, you build trust, show caring and interest in the person. Last but not least you are a very nice person. I have nothing but good things to pass on. People should listen and I'm glad I did because this plan will stay with me forever.”
- Raisa Martinez, Raleigh, NC

"Derek, I would to take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism, excellent customer service and patience when you met with my Mother and myself. We were able to settle with her creditors for 50% of what she owed. An enormous burden has been lifted off my mother and all the circumstances associated with her situation. Your input, time, and assistance was greatly appreciated."
-Wayland Jordan, Atlanta, GA

"Derek, thank you so much for our meeting today. I have so much gratitude for you in moving me in the right direction with prioritizing my finances. I am ready to begin my adventure with continued hope and action."
- Christina, Raleigh, NC

"Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Dennis and I are DEBT-FREE except for the house! We are so excited. Now we will start putting money toward the fully-funded emergency fund. It feels so freeing not to be in debt and we're looking forward to paying off our house as soon as we get the emergency fund done. Thank you so much for your help in our journey to financial freedom!!!"
- Trish & Dennis Pietz, Garner, NC

"The most important part of our testimony and gaining control over our finances has been the peace of mind that we have gained. Before our debt was paid off we constantly worried, had high anxiety, and were under constant stress. Your financial plan gave us a win-win confident attitude, the knowledge to conquer our debt, and to the ability to make a commitment together as a married couple to change our financial future. After our first meeting we had the confidence that we had a plan in place, we had your encouragement, and the attitude that we could do it. It was a definite turning point and impetus to leaving behind the stage of denial that we were in living beyond our means and without a budget. Now that we have paid off the credit card debt we feel absolutely amazing, and the happiness, and peace of mind that we feel is absolutely priceless! We look forward to continuing to work with you."
- Nicole Rollins, Wilmington, NC

"After my friend from SC met with Derek she and her husband came over to my house to talk.  The first thing she said to me was Bonnie, sit down, I have to tell you something.  She told me thank you for insisting and insisting and insisting for her to call you and see if you could help her.  When she got back to my house she said for the first time in over 5 years she had HOPE.  She felt in control of her situation and she did not feel helpless anymore but felt empowered. THANK YOU JUSTIN for how you and your firm are changing lives."
- Bonnie Kovacik writing about her friends Lynn & Mary Lynn in SC

"I am so excited to write you, because you are the first to know...

"We are 100% Credit Card Debt Free!!!! We just made our last payment, so we have finally paid off our credit cards. In just 3 1/2 short months since we first came to you, and have worked our plan, we can't not believe we have done it. What a great feeling we have now! Now we are on to begin saving for our 3-6 months of living expenses. Thank you so very much for your help, we never thought three months ago that we could accomplish so much in such a short time! You have been such an outstanding coach."
- Nicole Rollins, Wilmington, NC

"We paid off our car as of Friday and we're car-debt-free for the first time since BEFORE we were married!! Me personally, this is the first time I haven't had a car payment in over 12 YEARS so I'm STOKED!!!!

"As of December 1st we're on to our very last debt in that dumb Discover Card and then that's it! Our debt snowball payment will be over $1,100 at that point so I'm excited. Life is GREAT!!! This is an exciting time!!

"I, just wanted to share my enthusiasm and thank you for the life change you've had on us and how our entire family tree will be changed thanks to you, your wisdom, and your friendship! THANK YOU!!!"

- Chris & Ava Mills, Cary, NC
(Update: Now debt-free!)

"I have now paid off a total of $8700 (in 9 months) towards my debt.  I am again working part time to get the rest paid down faster. I am still on track with April 2009 time frame for being debt free.  It feels good not to get the phone calls anymore!  I am sticking to my budget and tracking all my spending.  Check book is balanced on a daily basis and I always know what is due and what I have in the bank!! Woo Hoo! I listen to your radio show online and enjoy the program.  Thanks for all you do."
- Julia L, Apex, NC

“As one of your satisfied customers, I would like to encourage all of you "fence sitters" to pick up the phone and give Justin a call; you'll will be glad that you did. Ask yourself "Is what I'm doing working for me & my family ?" "Am I happy with my finances and my career path?" If not, you’re in the right place!”
- Jack & Amy King, Apex, NC
(Will be debt-free in 15 months)

"What a great time we had on vacation! It was totally needed and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I did incur some unexpected expenses, but it all worked out because I had a small amount in my emergency fund available... thanks to you!!"
- Julia J., Apex, NC
(Paid cash for a much-needed vacation!)

"Thanks to Justin and Lukas Coaching, we actually HAVE a budget now. How could we have lived so long without one? We actually know where our money is going. Who knew it could be this good? Seriously, if we hadn't met with Justin, we'd still be floundering. He took the information we already had and helped us prioritize it . . . he's completely enabled us to achieve debt-free status and with a sense of humor too! Now we can't wait until June of 2009 when we'll be living like we never thought possible."
Chris & Mara Groegler, Cary, NC (Featured in the Cary News)
(Will be debt-free in 21 months and then pay cash for a trip to Disney!)

"I was very impressed with the personal coaching services provided through Lukas Coaching. I felt comfortable and not like I was just being told anything or being quickly pushed out the door for the next customer. It was truly an individual experience designed around our needs and goals. I truly felt that Justin was just as excited as we were when discussing our families financial future. We are truly on our way to living like no one else. Thanks Justin!"
- Donnell & Tamira Hannah, Wake Forest, NC
(Will be debt-free in 18 month or less!)

"Justin, we so very much appreciate your meeting with us. You can be proud of what you do - and I look forward to the day when I can show you what a difference these changes have made."
Jamie & Phyllis D., Kenley, NC
(Plans to be debt-free in less than 2 years!)

"I would highly recommend Lukas Coaching !!! This was the best investment ever . . I wish I had done it sooner, but better late than never!"
Karen H., Morrisville, NC
(Plans to be completely debt-free, including her house, in 9 months!)

"My husband and I didn't see how it could be possible to pay off our large amount of student debt (>100K) in a relatively short period of time. We thought it would take many, many years... so before our session with Justin we were feeling very defeated and not very optimistic. Justin pointed out many of God's blessings in our lives and the Holy Spirit used him to give us the hope we needed to move forward. We know that with our plan and God's guidance we will succeed in paying off our debt quickly. Thank-you for challenging our view of money to see God's view of money... His will for us - to get out of DEBT!"
- Matt& Sarah Taylor, Edenton, NC
(Plan to be out of debt in 20 months!)

"I have known about Dave Ramsey for over a year, but felt powerless to incorporate his methods of getting out of debt. Because Justin has shown us the way, I believe we now have a firm plan to achieve financial freedom."
- Couple in Zebulon, NC
(On their way to being debt-free in retirement!)

"Since my husband died, I've had a very hard time dealing with simple household finances. It's embarrassing to admit that I've never balanced a check book and that my husband and I had difficulty talking about money and never kept a budget. Since his death, money has been very 'tight', and I've been so busy or tired that I don't plan well. God has always provided what I've needed, so I prayed for help with my poor money management. Although I'd almost rather have taken a beating than go the first time, I went. Justin was genuine, compassionate and helpful. He helped me begin to sort through tangles, come up with an accurate picture of where I am financially and has begun to help me structure a plan to reach debt-free living. Now I am praying for the discipline to keep up with all of this... Justin has already answered some questions and emailed encouragement to me. We plan to meet again soon."
- Beverly M., Benson, NC
(Realized her dream of moving to China to teach English)

"We really enjoyed meeting with Justin. He was friendly and very helpful. He answered all of the questions that we had and gave us great suggestions to help us use our money wisely month to month. We are nearly out of debt and have our plan to complete our emergency fund. It is exciting to see "the light at the end of the tunnel." Thanks for all of your help!'"
- Couple in Cary, NC
(Starting a business with cash and no debt!)


"Thank-you so much for the clear non-biased information you presented to [us]."
- Couple in Garner, NC


"Justin is quite knowledgeable and he is very easy to understand. Every time we meet, I come out feeling like I have learned so much. Justin explains everything in detail and makes me feel like I have more control of my finances than ever before! Thanks!"
- Heather L., Fishers, IN


Business Coaching







Michael Moebes

"I enjoyed business coaching a great deal...more than I anticipated even. I found the encouragement very motivating, and I got many practical tips and ‘action items’ I could put into place right away to help promote my businesses.

I’m already seeing positive results from the suggestions Justin gave and anticipate that my client base will continue to grow as 2009 continues. Thanks, Justin!"

- Michael Moebes, Financial Coach and Attorney, Atlanta, GA







Life & Career Coaching


"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your e-book "Become a Coach" a few hours ago... and I read all of it during my lunch hour!  I can actually say that you helped shed some light on several questions I have been mulling over the last several months, so Thank You for putting this book together!


Specifically, I've wondered if it's feasible to be able to work full-time as a Financial Coach.  I can't seem to find many people with successful coaching practices, and the people I do speak with who are Dave Ramsey Certified Counselors, haven't exactly been very encouraging that full-time coaching is a possibility.  You have reminded me however, that my personal success is not dependant on statistics or the attitudes/practices of others... it is fully dependant on how I choose to run my own business.  If I want success, I will find success."
- Tiffany Jorgensen, Portland, OR




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